Due to the nature of its hydrocarbon exploration and production activities, the Maurel & Prom Group manages corporate, environmental and social risks on a daily basis.

Implementing the principles of sustainable development is one of the keys to its performance. Central to its business as an oil & gas operator and before undertaking any development, Maurel & Prom assesses the environmental and social impact of its operations. Whether its activity has potentially beneficial effects on local economic development, or is potentially negative in terms of the health and safety of people and the environment, the Group in conjunction with local authorities defines prevention and management programmes and undertakes to ensure that they are properly applied.

When the Group partners with other operators, the quality of the management of those partners’ health, safety, security and environment (“HSE”) risks is a determining factor in the decision to invest. The Group takes all reasonable measures to assess and manage environmental and social risks. Risk monitoring and the identification of appropriate means for managing them properly are an integral part of technical and financial project tracking and are carried out to the most stringent professional standards. The non-financial aspects of the projects in which the Group invests are central to its relations with its operating partners. Alongside financial investment, the Group may provide access to its extensive expertise and human and technical resources.