Social responsability


The Group’s recruitment policy is aimed at providing it with the best skills to support its development. 

As at 31 December 2016, the Group had 552 employees in eight countries ; the Gabonese subsidiary accounted for 63.5% of the total workforce.

Social relations

The quality of industrial relations within the Group is the result of dialogue between employees, their representatives and management. In the Group’s subsidiaries, dialogue is organised in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

In Gabon, social dialogue is of particular importance. A Permanent Committee for Economic and Social Cooperation, pursuant to the country’s Labour Code, meets at least once a year. At these meetings, the employee representatives are presented with current budgets, budget forecasts, the company’s areas for development and recruitment needs. An Industrial Relations Organising Committee and the financial or technical backer of Maurel & Prom’s Gabonese subsidiary for social projects also take part in the social dialogue. 

In Tanzania, following the increase in activity in 2015, social dialogue has become more formalised. In August 2014, employees joined the Tanzania Mines, Energy, Construction and Allied Workers Union (TAMICO). A branch of the union was opened in 2015 in Mnazi Bay. Representatives from the union relay employees’ demands to the employer. If necessary, a three-party meeting is arranged, attended by employee, employer and union representatives.

In Colombia, social dialogue is promoted through monthly meetings of an occupational health and safety committee and quarterly meetings of a committee tasked with preventing workplace harassment. These committee meetings are opportunities for employees and employers to come together to discuss topics other than those solely related to occupational health and safety.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are a key Group concern. The Group is committed to continuing to improve working conditions, preventing risks and reducing nuisances, by implementing a “Health and Safety, Security, Environment and Quality” management programme, which is based on industrial best practices, in compliance with national regulations. 

Maurel & Prom’s Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the Group-wide implementation of the principles of the Group’s Safety, Environment and Quality Charter drawn up in 2006. In this respect, he defines the HSE policy, objectives and organisation for the Group.

The Group has also set up an HSE executive committee, chaired by Maurel & Prom’s Chief Executive Officer. It consists of the Group’s Chief Operating Officer, General Secretary and HSE Manager. This committee defines the Group’s HSE policy and objectives, revises the objectives when necessary, and monitors HSE performance and the corresponding action plans.

Since 2013 the Gabonese subsidiary has had its own Health & Safety policy covering health, safety and the environment. It commits Maurel & Prom Gabon’s executive management and its employees, partners and subcontractors to continuous improvement of performance. In 2015, the Health, Safety, Security and Environment departments were merged and placed under the responsibility of one person. In 2016, responsibility for this newly merged department was assigned to a person recruited locally. Collection and processing of HSSE performance indicators improved significantly. 

In 2015 the Tanzanian subsidiary continued to revise and upgrade HSE procedures with the support of external resources. The goal was for the local team to be independent and share the same Group HSE management system. In 2016, the Tanzanian subsidiary also began keeping comprehensive records of incidents and accidents; it started recording and monitoring corrective actions and introduced preventive action procedures.