The commitment and the pursuit of continuous improvement of its EHS-S performance is one of the keys drivers of its future development.

The M&P Group's environment, health, safety and security commitments are as follows:
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Article 1

In the context of its operations, Maurel & Prom places the health and safety of people and the protection of and respect for the environment at the heart of its priorities.

Article 2

Maurel & Prom defines roles in such a way that each employee understands that preventing accident risks, environmental damage or harm to health is a key part of their field of individual responsibility.

Article 3

Before the launch of any development project, an in-depth study is carried out to assess its environmental and social impacts and the health and safety risks it poses to personnel; these studies define the appropriate measures to deal with these effects.

Article 4

Maurel & Prom sets itself the objective that its partners and subcontractors should adhere to its policy regarding the environment, health, safety and security.

Article 5

Maurel & Prom complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which the company operates.

Article 6

In order to continually improve its performance with regard to health, safety and the environment, Maurel & Prom is committed to maintaining an EHS-S management system that can be tailored to its subsidiaries and to each of its activities. This system is based on the analysis and evaluation of risks; regular checks on measures adopted to address them; the definition of improvement targets and action plans to attain them; as well as measuring the regular effectiveness of the actions implemented.

Article 7

Maurel & Prom is committed to developing a corporate culture that is based on information, training, feedback, consultation and internal communications.

Article 8

In addition to its prevention policy, Maurel & Prom defines an action policy based on formulating emergency plans and implementing means and resources designed to deal with accidents and major incidents. These measures are periodically tested by drills and checks and are regularly updated.

Article 9

Committed to the effective control of its environmental impact throughout the course of a project, Maurel & Prom monitors its environmental footprint, energy consumption, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation. It endeavours, in particular, to protect natural environments and biodiversity and, where necessary, to regenerate areas affected by oil operations in close collaboration with local authorities and the communities affected.

Article 10

Maurel & Prom is committed to communicating transparently with its stakeholders regarding its activities.