Social responsability


The Group conducts and manages its exploration and production activities at the local level.

Maurel & Prom’s recruitment policy is guided by the insourcing of skilled trades, the transfer and sharing of skills through in-house training, and the local filling of management positions at all levels of responsibility. Maurel & Prom bases the recruitment of its employees on explicit and non-discriminatory criteria and ensures equal opportunities for all employees at all stages of their career.


Maurel & Prom seeks to continuously improve the health and safety conditions of the people working at its facilities by monitoring EHS-S performance indicators at the highest echelons of the Group.

In recent years, the Maurel & Prom Group has restructured and strengthened the EHS-S function, updated its operating management system (OMS) according to IOGP recommendations, and organised experience sharing between subsidiaries. HSSE performance is managed by Group-level HSSE executive committee.


In addition to the business opportunities offered locally by upstream oil and gas activities, the Group implements sustainable development programmes for local communities living near its facilities.

Each year, the subsidiary in Tanzania participates in local development by funding and managing projects in order to improve access to education, health, water and energy. The stake is significant for local development. In Gabon, the combined financial resources allocated to the Local Community Development Fund since 2010 represent US$5.6 million since 2010.