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The distribution of any document relating to the Offer or to participation in the Offer may be subject to legal restrictions in certain jurisdictions. The Offer is not being made to persons subject directly or indirectly to such restrictions, and may not in any way be subject to an acceptance from a country in which the Offer is subject to restrictions. Those who come into possession of any document relating to the Offer must inform themselves of the applicable legal restrictions and comply with them. A failure to comply with legal restrictions may constitute a violation of applicable stock exchange laws and regulations in certain jurisdictions. Etablissements Maurel & Prom will not be liable for the violation of applicable legal restrictions by any person.

Notably concerning the United States, it is specified that the Offer is not made, directly or indirectly, in the United States or to people having residence in the United States or "US persons" (within the meaning of Regulation S taken pursuant to the US Securities Act 1993 as amended), and no acceptance of this Offer may originate from the United States. Consequently, no example or copy of any document relative to the Offer may be sent by post or communicated or distributed by any intermediary or any other person in the United States in any way whatsoever. Any shareholder of Etablissements Maurel & Prom contributing his shares to the Offer will be considered to have declared that he is not a person having residence in the United States or a "US person", or an agent or a representative acting on instruction of its principal other than a principal having communicated his instructions outside the United States, (ii) that he has not received in the United States a copy of any document related to the Offer and that he has not sent these documents to the United States and (iii) that he has neither accepted the Offer nor delivered an instruction to tender shares from the United States. Any acceptance of the Offer that may be assumed as breaching these restrictions and declarations above will be null and void. For the purposes of this paragraph, "United States" shall mean the United States of America, their territories and possessions, or any one of these States, and the District of Columbia.