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Caroil - Rig Maghèna

Dec 2, 2022


In early 2022, the Group acquired a new high-tech rig, called Maghèna "The Panther".  This rig has been designed to provide all the power (1,200 HP) and capabilities needed to maximize drilling performance, rig moving and, in particular, operational safety. 

The Maghèna rig required nearly 8 months of customization and adaptation to the tropical environment. Carried out in Edmonton, Canada, this work was completed last November.
It is currently in transit in Houston in the United States, ready to be loaded onto the ship that will take it to Gabon where it will be commissioned and operated by M&P Gabon from the first quarter of 2023.

The Maghèna rig becomes the Group's most recent rig and is part of a modernization of Caroil's drilling rig fleet in Gabon.