Caroil - Rig Maghèna

Dec 2, 2022


In early 2022, the Group acquired a new high-tech rig, called Maghèna "The Panther".  This rig has been designed to provide all the power (1,200 HP) and capabilities needed to maximize drilling performance, rig moving and, in particular, operational safety. 



Lower carbon intensity - M&P finishes connecting all of its well platforms to its Onal electricity network in Gabon

Nov 15, 2022
In Gabon, connection of the final well platform to the M&P Gabon electricity network in late October ushered in a new stage for the Group's objectives in its effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

Olivier de Langavant sur BFM Business

Aug 5, 2022


Ce vendredi 5 août, Olivier de Langavant, directeur général de Maurel & Prom, s'est penché sur le retour des bénéfices du groupe Maurel & Prom, notamment lié à la hausse des cours du pétrole, dans l'émission Good Morning Business, présentée par Stéphane Pedrazzi.


M&P Gabon - Semaine Nationale de l'Environnement

Jul 1, 2022


Les actions menées par M&P Gabon à Lambaréné, Libreville et Port-Gentil lors de la Semaine Nationale de l’Environnement.


AGM - May 17, 2022

May 18, 2022

The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting was held on Tuesday May 17, 2022 under the chairmanship of Mr. John Anis.


2021 Universal Registration Document

Mar 30, 2022


2021 Universal Registration Document 


Major acquisition for Seplat Energy

Feb 25, 2022

25 February 2022


Seplat Energy (20.46% M&P stake) today announced the acquisition of the offshore assets of Exxon Mobil in Nigeria for an amount of 1.3 billion dollars

A major operation that will transform and will create one of the largest independent energy companies on both the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges.

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Energy and Climate Transition Policy

Feb 2, 2022


Energy and Climate Transition policy


Key Figures 2021

Jan 27, 2022


Key Figures 2021


Jean-Hagry, New Chief Operating Officer

Jan 3, 2022


Jean-Hagry, New Chief Operating Officer


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