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Lower carbon intensity - M&P finishes connecting all of its well platforms to its Onal electricity network in Gabon

Nov 15, 2022
In Gabon, connection of the final well platform to the M&P Gabon electricity network in late October ushered in a new stage for the Group's objectives in its effort to reduce its carbon footprint.
Since 2019, M&P Gabon has undertaken a series of measures to extend its electricity network in order to end the use of the diesel-powered generators that each platform had available for operations requiring electricity.
A technical and operational triumph, this feat lasted nearly three years and involved connecting twelve additional platforms to the electric power plant located on the Onal production site. The virtues resulting from this success are manifold:
  • a significant reduction in our consumption of diesel fuel, on the order of nearly two million litres per year,
  • a reduction of CO2 emissions of approximately 5,000 tonnes per year,
  • optimisation of the electric power plant that has operated on gas produced by M&P Gabon since 2021.
In the future, new well platforms will be systematically connected to the Onal production centre's electricity network upon commissioning.
This continuing search for ways to optimise the energy efficiency of our production sites is a testament to our commitments to reducing our carbon footprint, and just one of the activities that we seek to make more responsible for lasting, sustainable growth.