Our Jobs

From exploration to exploitation and the development of fields, our technical activities are at the heart of our activity as an oil operator.

Site Manager

The Site Manager directs and coordinates all the activities and teams located at the production site.

He/she reports to the Operations Director, and considers, proposes and oversees the implementation of investments and actions necessary for the achievement of objectives and streamlining of operations while ensuring the strict application of the EHS-S standards of the Group.

Head of Exploration

Under the technical supervision of the Geosciences Director, the Head of Exploration is responsible for interpreting geophysical data for production areas, exploration permits and zones where new projects could be launched. He/she proposes and initiates geophysical projects (acquisition, handling, interpretation) with a view to acquiring exploration and production permits, and, more generally, works to improve the management of the assets held under these permits.

Head of Geology

The Head of Geology supervises geological activity related to the various fields, both through studies and operations. He/she acts as a mentor for other geologists (surveys/studies/reports). He/she oversees the collection and interpretation of geological data required for drilling and production operations.

Production Engineer

The Production Engineer ensures optimised production in compliance with the EHS-S Charter by maintaining the optimal functioning of the systems of activation of the wells and the installations of surface. He carries out the studies intended to improve the methods of production while by rationalizing operating costs.

Reservoir Engineer

The reservoir engineer collects and interprets reservoir and well performance data, as well as dynamic reservoir modeling, to establish production forecasts and propose solutions and activities to improve production.

EHS-S Manager

The EHS-S Manager advises the subsidiary's general management and implements the "Environment, Health, Safety and Security" policy. The objective is to serve the exploration and production operations to ensure the compliance of facilities and processes with the requirements in terms of health, safety, security and preservation of the environment.

Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of resources, mechanical and electrical equipment, instruments and machines used in connection with production activities.

In line with the continued expansion of operations, he/she implements a corrective and preventive maintenance strategy on the site and manages the teams under his/her responsibility.

Production Supervisor

The Production Supervisor coordinates all field production operations. He/she uses analyses drawn up by engineers (production, reservoir, geologist) on the deposits and wells in the field to ensure the continuity of production operations.